parent / teacher resources

Welcome to our parent and teacher resources section. The offerings in this section are for you to use with the children in your classroom or home. We hope you find them useful -- let us know if there are available resources you would like to see included.

Bob and Nancy

Music and Your Health - The Relevance of Concert Pitch - Patrick Thilmany discusses the effects of different tunings on the human soul.
Stars Shining at Midnight - The Historical Context of the Waldorf School
Nancy Parsons Whittaker
Loving Authority
Barbara Bedingfield speaks about discipline and authority.
A Matter of Time
Eugene Schartz looks at time and the meaning of the new millenium.
The Future of Waldorf Homeschooling
Barbara Dewey
A report on homeschooling initiatives in the United States.
Helping Your Child's Teacher to Communicate
Eugene Schwartz
Guidelines for improving communications between parent and teacher.
Some Thoughts on the Media
Eugene Schwartz
Eugene addresses the question of television and computers in education.
The Solitary Swan
a Christmas story by Eugene Schwartz.
Comments on the Building of a Waldorf School
by Felix Durach.
Understanding the Application of Lazure Painting Techniques
an interesting essay by Robert Logsdon on the uses and effects of Lazure.