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Welcome to our section on Waldorf school organization. The articles we have assembled here deal with questions about the school organization, that is, about the relationships between parents, faculty and students and the relationships within each of those groups.

There is certainly no question that the social relationships within the Waldorf school is one of the most difficult and most discussed topics. We hope to be able to provide some information to help answer questions such as:

What are the relationships between parents, faculty and children?
What is the relationship of the Waldorf school community to the community at large?
What does 'teacher administered school' mean?

For those of you who can read German, there is a very interesting book by Stefan Leber, Die Sozialgestalt der Waldorfschule (Verlag Freies Geistesleben, 1978). We recommend it highly.

Articles on Waldorf school organization

The Gesture
A poem by Bob Monson on the gifts of serving a Waldorf school.
Helping Your Child's Teacher to Communicate
Guidelines for improving communications between parent and teacher.
Faculty Meetings - College of Teachers
Discusses the intended organizational form of the teaching staff and the content of faculty meetings.
Festival Proposal for the Waldorf School
Presents a proposal for a more culturally diverse festival calendar.
Introduction to Spirit of Waldorf School
Short article describing the context of the Waldorf School founding.