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Welcome to our classroom activities section. The articles in this section address various aspects of teaching children in a Waldorf School. We hope you find them useful -- let us know if there are topics of particular concern you would like to see included.

Articles on classroom activities . . .

Parent-Child Classes - Barbara Patterson shares her knowledge, wisdom and warmth about the world of the young child.
Goethe's Color Theory
is an interesting, interactive site that explains Goethe's theory.
Portrait of a Waldorf Teacher
Glimpses of the art of teaching exemplified in the life of Amos Franceschelli.
A Parsifal Block Lesson
for the 11th grade.
Classroom Decoration
Steiner's recommendations on pictures appropriate to the classroom.
Understanding the Application of Lazure Painting Techniques
Steiner's recommendations on pictures appropriate to the classroom.
Some Thoughts on the Media
Eugene Schwartz
Eugene addresses the question of television and computers in education.
The Waldorf Approach to History
From Hero to History
Eugene Schwartz
A master Waldorf teacher describes how history is taught in a Waldorf school and why it is important for social health.
Playing and Thinking
How the Kindergarten Provides a Foundation for Scientific Understanding
Eugene Schwartz
Ways imaginative play in the Waldorf kindergarten opens doorways to creative thinking and enthusiastic work habits.