The Gesture

Bob Monson
Dedicated to the Faculty and Staff
of the Waldorf School of the Peninsula
August 31, 1998

Bob Monson is a long-time parent, Board member and current Board President of the Waldorf School of the Peninsula. Additionally, he is a wonderful, warm soul and an old friend of ours. We think any of you who have worked with a Waldorf school will recognize the multi-faceted truth of "The Gesture".

Bob and Nancy

Out of the night
Comes the gesture of the wind
Stirring the calm
Like the gentle flutter
Of the dove's wing

The vessel of time
Brings forth the dawn
Of a new creation

And standing before one's beauty
We begin the struggle
For our purpose

Urged on by the reflection
Of the moon
Feelings of self
Rise to the surface
Like molten lava
In a volcano of doubt

Driven by the law of karma
We wander
Through the wilderness
Of cause and effect

Then inspired by the touch
Of the World's Love
We begin our quest
For that Holy Cup

Freed from our mother's blood
Springs forth selfless knowledge
On pains of experienced-learned freedom
With it's faithful companion,
The question we must ask
To take our rightful place
In the destiny of Man:

What ails you,
And how can I be of service?