synopses of Rudolf Steiner's lectures on waldorf education

The following is a list of volumes in English containing lectures on Waldorf pedagogy given by Rudolf Steiner.

The GA number refers to the Rudolf Steiner Bibliographic Survey number. Please note that some of the titles are not yet published.

GA Nbr.


293   The Foundations of Human Experience formerly Study of Man
Open Folder 294   Practical Advice to Teachers
Open Folder 295   Discussions with Teachers
Open Folder 296   Education as a Force for Social Change formerly Education as a Social Problem
Open Folder 297   The Spirit of the Waldorf School
Open Folder 298   Rudolf Steiner in the Waldorf School
Open Folder 299   The Genius of Language
Open Folder 301   The Renewal of Education
Open Folder 308   The Essentials of Education
Open Folder 309   The Roots of Education
Open Folder 310   Human Values in Education
Open Folder 311   The Kingdom of Childhood