Vol. I, Issue no. I, summer 1997

another declaration of independence: spiritual science with passion - light and heat

Joel A. Wendt

I (Bob) first met Joel one evening about ten years ago. At that time we had a very interesting and intense conversation about anthroposophy and Waldorf education. Joel introduced me to Carl Stegmann's work, and we discussed the role of America in the anthroposophical movement. Joel then moved to Massachusetts. We lost contact until a few weeks ago when I discovered (at a German anthroposophy site) his name and a link to his site. When I visited his site, I discovered the Outlaw Anthroposophy Journal reprinted here.

If you have read our essay Kraft, the Passive Voice and the Three Mystery Streams you will probably have realized that we are interested in the three main spiritual streams of the East, South and North. We feel ourselves to be most closely connected with the Northern stream, and much of what Joel has to say in the following essays and poll strongly resonates with our own perceptions.

We hope that you find Joel's words of interest and we urge you to fill out his poll and send it to him.

Bob and Nancy

About the Author

Joel Wendt says of himself:
For those anthroposophists who might be reading these pages and want to know my "anthroposophical" background. A member of the Society and the Class for almost 20 years; the first anthroposophist I shared my biography with in any detail said "you were born an anthroposophist". I was part of the circle of co-workers around Carl Stegmann (The Other America) and wrote for his study letter, America in the Threefold World - this was in Sacramento, California, in the early 1980's. I have continued to carry my share of the "America Work" quietly and steadfastly since that time; and from 1988 to 1996 was an unpaid fellow at the Center for American Studies at Concord (Mass.) - Stuart B. Weeks non-profit organization, now based in New Hampshire.
You can read more essays and musing written by Joel at his site.

This journal was distributed free (about 25 copies) in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in early August, 1997, at the major summer USA anthroposophical conference. There were some unusual reactions, as the material was not without bite.

Those who find something of interest here, are invited to add their gift to ours by making more copies and passing them on. In this way Outlaw Anthroposophy will only travel where it is meant to travel.

Questions and correspondence should be directed to:

Joel A. Wendt
355 Serrano Drive
Apt 10K
San Francisco, CA 94132,
e-mail: hermit@microweb.com e-mail
The poll is correct; the next issue will be completely based upon reader response. Readers desiring a direct reception of the next issue should send a 10x13 SASE in with their poll answers, with at least one dollar US in stamps, or more, as the idea is to continue to distribute this journal at the lowest possible cost.


Outlaw Anthroposophy Journal

Vol. I, Issue no. I, summer 1997

The Study of Rudolf Steiner's Lecture Cycles
and the Problem of Cognition - musings on the epistomological swampland of the Anthroposophical Movement
The Anthroposophical Society
is it a living social form?
First Reader's Poll