translator's corner

Welcome to our section on translating anthroposophical works. We are actively engaged in translating Steiner's works, primarily in the area of Waldorf Education.

The articles we have assembled here concern questions about translating and the origins of words. If you are interested in tranlating anthroposophical works, we suggest that you become a member of the Anthroposophical Translators and Editors Association. For more information, please contact:

Malcom Gardner
RR 1, Box 621
Woolwine, VA 24185

We also highly recommend Rudolf Steiner's lectures on language contained in The Genius of Language, Anthroposophic Press, 1995.

Bob and Nancy

The Foundations of Human Experience: An American Perspective
An essay that attempts to place the foundational cycle of pedagogical lectures in the English-speaking context.
Kraft, the Passive Voice and the Three Mystery Streams
An essay that looks at the differences between the German and American experience and its connection with language.
ATEA Glossary
Translators discuss the meaning of Steiner's words.