notes on two lectures from The Michael Impulse (GA 194)
December 6 and 7, 1919

Dear Friends:

We "discovered" these translations from GA 194, Die Sendung Michaels (The Michael Impulse) in 1993. Then, they were languishing in obscurity as a carbon copy typed manuscript held by The Rudolf Steiner Library in Ghent, New York. Other than this copy, done by an unknown translator on a manual typewriter sometime (we think) in the 1930s or 1940s, the insights Dr. Steiner presented in these lectures were veiled from the English speaking public. What an oversight! Here is a presentation of the developing human being, of the relationship and development of thinking, feeling and willing, and a very concrete description of the life cycle of emotions we send out into the world that is not only unlike any others we are aware of, but is also extremely useful for understanding group or personal history. The more we have worked with these concepts, the more we ponder what it is that has kept them from the English speaking world until now, and offer our gratitude to the unknown translator for his or her gift, and to the Rudolf Steiner Library for preserving it. We have also included (for completeness and better comprehension) the four drawings contained in the German edition. The drawings were done by Leonore Uhlig and Assjz Turgenieff.

Since there is so much controversy regarding publishing documents via the Internet, we want to make our position regarding these two lectures clear. We have done our best to determine the copyright status of these two lectures, but although they are probably now in the public domain, we have found nothing conclusive in that regard..

Nonetheless, we have decided to go ahead and make them available because we believe that the content is important enough to warrant the legal risk involved. If you, the reader know more about the origins of these two translations, please e-mail us e-mail with the pertinent information.

We wish to emphasize that these two documents are for private use and may not be reprinted for commercial purposes without prior written consent. This is in accord with our "no-guilt" copyright policy but we feel that it needs special emphasis in this instance.

With our best wishes,

Bob and Nancy