lectures by Rudolf Steiner

Here are some lectures by Rudolf Steiner about Waldorf Education and other topics. If you come across more, please drop us a note e-mail so we can include them. Thanks.

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Lectures on Waldorf Education

Full text Lecture for Prospective Parents of the Waldorf School

August 31, 1919

Guiding principles for founding the School.

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The Michael Impulse

Full text Notes on the lectures given December 6, and 7, 1919

Full text December 6, 1919

The relationship of the human head, chest and limbs to thinking, feeling and willing.

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Full text December 7, 1919

Cultural development since the 15th century.

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Full text December 12, 1919

The fundamental problem of the present: the chasm between practical live and spiritual endeavors.

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Full text December 13, 1919

Historical transitions in human evolution are expressed in architectural styles.

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Full text December 14, 1919

Degeneration and downfall of our culture.

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Full text December 15, 1919

The anthroposophical foundation of the social problem.

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The Event of the Appearance of Christ in the Etheric World

Full text January 25, 1910

The importance of reincarnation for the human soul.

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