statement of purpose

The intention of the Steiner Resources and Waldorf Resources pages is to be a resource, a kind of library, for people interested in the writings of Rudolf Steiner and/or Waldorf Education. As such, we try to address:
  • the needs and interests of those studying Anthroposophy and Waldorf pedagogy,
  • the needs of parents of children in Waldorf schools,
  • the needs of parents investigating Waldorf schools as a possible alternative for their children, and
  • the needs of others interested in Anthroposophy or Waldorf education.

The resources we can make available fall into two broad categories:

  • translations of Rudolf Steiner's works, written and oral, and
  • articles and essays by individuals actively engaged in learning about Anthroposophy and/or Waldorf education.

In selecting articles or essays for publication, we hold the question:

Does this article or essay add something positive to the body of knowledge about Anthroposophy and/or Waldorf education?

Thus, you will not find much about the comparative merits of Waldorf education and other pedagogies, nor negative discussions about the sectarianism of Anthroposophy. On the other hand, we do want to include critical information, so long as the criticism is perceptibly oriented toward positive change. We are not interested in antagonistic work, but well-forumulated, constructive criticism will always be very welcome here.

Our purpose is to disseminate information. Therefore, we have adopted a "no-guilt" copyright policy. Please read it before going on.

Thank you for your interest in Anthroposophy and Waldorf education.

Bob and Nancy