"no-guilt" copyright policy

If you have looked at our statement of purpose, you probably noticed that we want to make information regarding Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education available to anyone interested in reading and learning about them. To help promote that goal, we have a "No-Guilt Copyright Policy."

Each of the pages in our site is copyrighted, either by the author, translator, original publisher or ourselves, but...

  • You may copy any of the material in the site, either via photocopy or electronic means, for your own private use or the private use of others.
  • None of the material in the site may be used in commercial publications, either alone or as part of another work, without prior written consent of the copyright holder.

Thus, so long as you are not going to try to earn any money from the material in the site, copy away! Give it to your friends, family, maybe even your enemies! We ask only that you keep the name of the copyright holder on the copy. Read, distribute, learn!

Bob and Nancy