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Dear Friends,

Welcome to our Anthroposophical Translator's Glossary section. What you will find in this area are entries from the Anthroposophical Translators and Editors Association (ATEA) Glossary. The entries are comments about a number of words commonly found in Rudolf Steiner's lectures that often give translators (like ourselves) a real headache.

The copyright on all comments in the Glossary is held by the person making the comment.

Over a year ago, we submitted a notice to be published in the ATEA newsletter asking for the authors to grant us permission to publish these comments. Just after this submission, the newletter became nonexistent and no easy means of communication has as yet been reestablished. Therefore, the glossary is published here without the author's permission.

We believe that the comments contained in this section of our site can be of great value to those seeking deeper understanding of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy. We believe that, although their primary interest will be to English-speaking readers, German-speaking readers can also learn a great deal from them. Of necessity, all translation involves a certain degree of interpretation and the comments presented here reflect some of the considerations given to the interpretation of some of Steiner's words.

Our decision for the moment, therefore, has been to proceed with this site. In the meantime, we continue to seek an avenue of communication with the authors so that we can include this section in our 'no-guilt' copyright.

If you find comments made by you and wish to have them removed or modified, please e-mail


Bob and Nancy

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